Fairtex Muay Thai BGV1 Boxing Gloves Review

Product Name:Fairtex Muay Thai BGV1 Boxing Gloves
Padding:Padding focused on the front
Construction:Premium Leather
Features:(1) Handmade in Thailand, (2) All-Purpose Boxing Gloves, (3) Tight Fit Design
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Fairtex is a well-known brand among Muay Thai enthusiasts. One of their best sellers is the  Fairtex Muay Thai BGV1 Boxing Gloves is a best seller. How does it measure up? Read our review below.

Boasts of Quality & Durability

Many boxers and fighters have equated these Fairtex gloves with Cleto Reyes regarding quality. These gloves are made with top-notch craftsmanship and construction.

Even after many months of sparring, they look good as new. Moreover, its leather is beautiful and thick. It shines under bright lights and boasts of excellent texture.

However, its thick and durable quality does have a downside. The Fairtex BGV1 gloves take a lot of time to break into. You may feel a slight soreness as you go through the process of making them your own.

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Perfect for Short Arms & Narrow Hands

The Fairtex Muay Thai BGV1 Boxing Gloves are compact and small. Once you slide through them, you will instantly feel how tight and snug it is. This pair is a perfect choice among those with short arms. It’s also ideal for fighters who hate gloves with long cuffs.

Its narrow design lets you penetrate your opponents’ guard better. However, these gloves can feel tiny for those with larger, more muscular hands. Others have coined it as “junior-sized gloves”. So you may want to check back with your size before buying.

Provides Adequate Padding & Protection

These gloves are made primarily for Muay Thai fighters. This means there is more padding at the back of the hand to block off kicks. Moreover, the padding on the knuckles are sufficient but isn’t the best one around. The padding in the wrist area is worth noting. It provides more than enough protection and comfort at the same time.

If you are particularly keen on using these gloves for boxing, expect that the padding is different.

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Comes with Free Wraps

We can never have enough hand wraps. Thankfully, these BGV1 gloves come with free hand wraps. That to us is a major plus!

Fairtex Muay Thai BGV1 Boxing Gloves Pros & Cons

The Fairtex Muay Thai BGV1 Boxing Gloves are high-quality gloves that provide adequate padding and protection. However, it does have its downsides. For one, it comes with a straight thumb design. You could have a difficult time making a full fist.

Here are the other pros and cons to consider.


  • High-quality gloves
  • Extremely durable
  • Thicker padding on wrists
  • Secure Velcro straps
  • Affordably priced
  • Great for narrow hands
  • Comes with free wraps


  • Lack of grip bar
  • Hard to break into
  • Straight thumb design
  • Lack of padding in knuckle area
  • Bad fit for bigger hands

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Fairtex Muay Thai BGV1 Boxing Gloves: For Fighters Who Want To Train in Different Martial Arts

Whether you are a Muay Thai fighter or a boxer, finding the best pair of gloves is key to your success in the ring. Those who have tried both disciplines would know that there are slight variations in the gloves used. So it’s best to know what you’re buying.

Overall, the Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves are quality, durable gloves that are suitable for sparring. However, it’s important to take note that they are primarily made for Muay Thai fighters, not boxers.

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