Hey there,

Welcome to Fight Gear HQ!

We created the website to help people find the best fight gears in the fight world.

When we started out as beginners, we were confused what gears to choose and buy. We searched internet and found some great sites about fighting gears. We would read five or more articles before buying anything. That’s the kind of people we are.

After a few days of reading and procrastinating, we eventually bought fighting gears off the internet. Unfortunately, most of the gears weren’t good. They were sub-par and would even breakdown after 3 months of use.

After that, we bought again, but from another website. The same thing happened.

After asking experienced fighters, we found out the gears we bought were awful. The only reason why they’re being recommended because the guys reviewing haven’t really used them yet.

Yes, they may have used them maybe a week or a month. But not as extensively as amateur boxers, trainers, or coaches.

That’s why whenever we buy gears, we ALWAYS ask our friends first.

We want to do the same thing for you.

We want to guide you to find the right gears based on our experience using them and what these bad-ass coaches and trainers told us.

If you don’t know where to start, visit our Buying Guides Archives. We created these guides so you won’t have to buy the wrong stuff again. You’ll avoid wasting money, time, and even injuries.

If you have anything on your mind (anything at all) when it comes to fight gears, send us a message and let’s talk.

We hope you enjoy the site!