The Best Boxing Gloves of 2017


Are you tired of wearing the wrong fight gear?

You know what we mean. The gloves that don’t fit and make your knuckles sore. Headgears that block your view and peripherals. Heavy bags that break after a few months of use.

Yes, we know. We hate them, too.

That’s why we created Fight Gear HQ. We don’t want you to experience that ever again. We recommend the very best fighting gears.

These fight gears are durable, made of quality material, affordable, offers excellent protection and have proven the test of time.

Fight Gear HQ also reviews Fighting Gear Brands. We wear Everlast, Title, Cleto Reyes, Winning, Fairtex, Twins, and many more brands.

You need to know if the brand is good or not. It’s because we sometimes get fooled by the name. Just because it’s a popular brand, doesn’t mean it’s good.

The same holds true for design and look. A good-looking pair of gloves doesn’t equate to a quality pair of gloves.

We created and ranked the top 10 best boxing gloves today. The gloves are quality, durability, feedback, personal experience, and price. You can check out the post now by going here…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, enthusiast, amateur or professional. Quality fighting gear is essential. You don’t want to bust up your face, injure your knuckles or unintentionally dislocate a bone while practicing.

Quality fighting gear keeps you safe, protected and comfortable.

Beginners often have the hardest time choosing which gear they should buy. They aren’t familiar with the different brands and their respective styles.

Boxing Enthusiasts also suffer from the same dilemma. If it’s your second time buying fight gears, we want to help you make it your last buy. The best fight gears should last at least 5 years even with daily use.

Don’t worry. All of us from Fight Gear HQ did the hard work for you. Most of us have used, practiced, and sparred with different fight gears to give you an idea how it is to use them, clean them and maintain them.

The Top 10 Lists ranks the best fight gears per category. Our Guides Section helps you know how to choose fight gears.